Misc Freelance and Fun
Below are projects that I have worked on for freelance, pro-bono, or just for fun.
Series of pieces I contributed to including an NFL partner ad, coupon, and product catalog.
Collection of ads, web mocks and banners created for r2intergrated.com
Custom infographic created for r2intergrated.com blog post.
In store banners to be displayed at all SEARS locations.
Editable Word docs for Mally Beauty to be shared with all ULTA locations for product promotion.
Custom die-lines created for Mally Beauty products.
Advertisements for TCS.
T-shirts comps for Gino's Burgers
Series of various National Bohemian designs sold at nattybohgear.com
Towson Tavern logo comp
Logo comps for a local tavern.
Pro-bono logo for www.healingheartsmd.org.
Logo designs for local coffee roaster.
Logo designs for local coffee roaster.
Custom Logo design for Washington Capitals Hall of Famer, Yvon Labre.
Logos created for Coach Rob Ambrose at Towson University.
Custom "Leave No Doubt" T-shirt design for Towson University Football. Shirts printed by Under Armour.
Custom "Little Things - WIN" T-shirt design for Towson University Football. Shirts printed by Under Armour.
Custom T-shirt art for UMass. Printed by Warrior Lacrosse.
Custom T-shirt art for Hofstra University's Lacrosse tour of Japan. Printed by Warrior Lacrosse.
Baltimore Charm logo created pro-bono for the LFL.
Custom lacrosse uniform design for Lacrosse Playground. Produced by Boathouse Sports.

Uniform design for Perry Hall Lacrosse. Produced by XSell Promotions. Jerseys in action seen here: http://perryhall.patch.com/articles/sun-and-fun-for-boys-lax-teams#photo-9356966
Custom microphone patch. Designed in Illustrator, then hand cut out of tackle twill and sewn. More examples of cut and sew work can be seen at www.jerseynameframe.com.
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